5,000 have registered so far


While Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen’s state leader colleagues are shunning the Climate Summit, people are rallying around the Klimaforum09. We cannot await the politicians, but must solve the climate problems ourselves, they state.

Over here, all is well: Global leaders might be shunning the COP, but Klimaforum09, the parallel people’s climate conference, is experiencing an overwhelming interes. About 5,000 have registered to participate so far.

Danish Prime Minister Lars Løkke Rasmussen (V) is busy playing down expectations to the December climate conference in the Bella Center due to the hesitance expressed in key countries like the USA and China. Regardless of this, great optimism characterizes the alternative climate summit, Klimaforum09.

Global government leaders may be avoiding Copenhagen, but according to its organizers, there is an overwhelming interest for the participation in the big parallel conference, which will take place in the DGI-byen and in part of the Kødbyen December 7th – 18th.

Almost 5,000 people have already signed up for the forum, and up to 10,000 daily visitors are expected, when it begins this December. Ideas for 150 workshops, 25 exhibitions, 8 theatrical performances plus a number of films, concerts and other activities have been submitted by NGOs, artists and organizations from all continents.

– If people fear a flop at the Bella Center, they should just join us instead at the DGI-byen. It will be intense.

– Yesterday alone, we received confirmations from an American theater ensemble, the leader of a huge network of indigenous people in North America and the Indian physicist and environmental activist Vandana Shiva, who will attend the forum to show, among other things, her new film about the consequences of climate change in the Himalayas, says Niels Fastrup, Head of Press at the Klimaforum09.

No more time for talk

In the alternative climate summit, however, patience towards the politicians is wearing thin.

– This December it will be the 15th meeting of political climate discussions. Already government leaders are speaking of COP16 and COP17. Many of the organizations and groups, that we are in contact with, stress that there can be no more waiting around for the politicians. We hear of more and more projects where people have begun taking action against the climate problems themselves, e.g. by forestation, informs Niels Fastrup.

Realizing the hesitation of the politicians, says Niels Fastrup, one of the key objectives of the Klimaforum09 is to help people become capable of dealing with the climate problems themselves and Join us.

– One can come to the DGI-byen for information, inspiration and perhaps to form networks with people, who are already involved in finding solutions to the problems. In contrast to the politicians we act, says the Head of Press.

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