Blog Boy Meets the Truth about the Media Attention


The press team has managed to draw the attention of a significant proportion of the international press to Klimaforum09. One of the main mediators gives a briefing from the middle of the media mayhem.

I am to be interviewed for a newspaper article about the coordination of the interpretation at Klimaforum09 later today. First time for me, so I’m off to see someone who knows the tricks of the trade. Richard Steed our UK-press man, handling international press relations, and a busy man I might add, right in the eye of the media storm in DGI-byen. I manage to pull him out of a meeting at the press center, and he hurriedly agrees to do an interview and to fill me in on the press situation.

Yes, all the big boys are here. CNN, The Guardian, The Independent, The LA Times, Huffington Post, American, British, Swedish, German, Danish press, only DR haven’t bitten. What kind of bait we are using? Well it’s a long process really and you have to work them. First you need to establish the contact then build up a good relationship, then make them interested in your project, sell it to them. You have to present things from the right angle and today it’s all about personal stories.

Some reporters ask specifically for celebrities, names to attract attention. It’s a circus really and you have to play their game. I don’t know if you can compare that to meeting new women. I came to Denmark for love but stayed for work. I like working with environmental journalism. In the media the focus is almost always on the negative side of the climate situation, I try to shift the focus on to the positive sides.

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When Klimaforum finishes, I am going to teach environmental communication. I have come to like Copenhagen a lot, and would like to stay here. It’s clean and by the sea. There is no violent crime so you feel you can walk about safely anywhere. Everything is within bicycle reach and I think that Britons and Danes get along very well, perhaps because everyone here speaks English and we share the same sense of humor.

Very sympathetic and surprisingly articulate man this Londoner, polite and easy to understand. He can probably be quite persuasive. As he scurries off towards the media mayhem, I head back to the office to do my interview.

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