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Head of programmer

After a somewhat nervous start, Klimaforum09 has gained momentum. Visitors are now pouring in and DGI-byen bustles with activity. Apparently, people now navigate through the centre with ease and are moving around to attend the different events and activities. It must have been quite a puzzle though to put together such a profusion of events. In the Klimaforum09 office I’m sitting at my desk, nose blocked and dripping, in my white winter parka. Across from me in the middle of the room sits Hans Henrik Samuelsen, Head of programmer, his desk scattered with paperwork and strange electronic devices. I pull him out of his chair to ask him a few questions about the planning.

Hans Henrik Samuelsen

Blog Boy meets Klimaforum09’s Head of programmer and learns about organising chaos on a small budget.

“I got into this through my work as a member of the board at the council for sustainable transportation, and I have now been working on the programmer together with Safania Eriksen for about 5 months.”

“It has been surprisingly easy to get presenters and performers to come here. As we have very little funds, all presenters and performers have been asked to volunteer. It seems that the climate crisis is such a strong cause that everyone is readily prepared to get involved.”

“My biggest challenge during the process has undoubtedly been to become a father, two months ago and right in the middle of the preparations.”

“We have tried to put together an open platform, where all people can learn about the seriousness of the climate crisis. It is really pressing that we work together and change our course.”

“The most critical points in the preparations has definitely been putting this huge event together with a budget of only 8 mill. kroner. This has to be the cheapest conference on earth and would not have been possible without all the volunteers.”

klimaforum09 – Become Volunteer

“From my perspective the biggest success yet, has been the Ojos de Brujo concert, which really brought all of us together. It is also gratifying to see so many people walking about debating the different climate issues and just to see so many happy faces here, everywhere you go.”

“The game has definitely been worth the candle. We have brought together so many people to work united to prevent climate change and the collaboration is highly energized. Now I just hope that all the people stick together when this closes, because the struggle is far from over.”

“What I anticipate the most is to get sleep when it all ends”.

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