The Declaration Klimaforum09

declaration klimaforum09

On December eleventh 2009 the taking an interest grassroots associations, NGOs, developments and systems at Klimaforum09, settled the People’s Declaration – System Change – Not Climate Change.

From December thirteenth to eighteenth, more than 300 associations and various people from all side of the world marked the Declaration. This joint achievement of a vast and wide range of exceptionally various associations is vital and even outperformed the desires of the coordination assemble behind the procedure.

Notwithstanding, the constructive outcome couldn’t have been accomplished in the event that it had not been for the enthusiastic open deliberations guaranteeing the authenticity of the procedure; the devoted global publication board; and all the conferred individuals venturing into the procedure who likewise helped spread the center messages of the vital content. On December eighteenth, the most recent day of the COP15 in Copenhagen, the Declaration was given over to the UNFCCC after a short mediation in whole. More associations and people have therefore marked the Declaration and keep on doing so.

The Process

Before settling the 6-page report, a preliminary procedure of the greater part a year occurred. The preliminary procedure included delegates from around 50 associations overall sorted out around topical and territorial facilitators with a solid portrayal from Africa, South America and Asia. Visit gatherings in an European coordination assemble dealt with the procedure. To guarantee physical cooperation four days amid the principal seven day stretch of Klimaforum09 were booked to conclude the Declaration.

Future work

In meeting with Klimaforum09’s worldwide system a Danish based coordination bunch keep on working on the best way to utilize the Declaration in future work locally, broadly and comprehensively. Of high need is a handover of the Declaration to the Mexican coordinators of Klimaforum10 parallel to COP16 in Cancun.

It is as yet conceivable to sign the Declaration


The Declaration is right now accessible in the accompanying dialects:

Chinese – customary, pdf


On the off chance that you wish to help make an interpretation of the Declaration into advance dialects please contact

For encourage information on the People’s Declaration – System Change – Not Climate Change please observe the Klimaforum09 assessment report


There are answers for the atmosphere emergency. What individuals and the planet require is a fair and manage capable change of our social orders to a shape that will guarantee the privileges of life and respect of all people groups and convey a more ripe planet and all the more satisfying lives to who and what is to come.

We, taking an interest people groups, groups, and all or-ganizations at the Klimaforum09 in Copenhagen, call upon each individual, association, government, and establishment, including the United Nations

(UN), to add to this essential change. It will be a testing errand. The emergency of today has financial, social, natural, geopolitical, and ideological angles cooperating with and reinforc-ing each different and additionally the atmosphere emergency. Consequently, we call for critical atmosphere activity:

An entire deserting of non-renewable energy sources inside the following 30 years, which must incorporate particular breakthroughs for each 5-year time span. We request a quick cut in GHG of indus-trialized nations of no less than 40% contrasted with 1990 levels by 2020.

Acknowledgment, installment and remuneration of atmosphere obligation for the overconsumption of air space and unfavorable impacts of environmental change on every influenced gathering and individuals.

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A dismissal of absolutely advertise arranged and innovation focused false and hazardous solu-tions, for example, atomic vitality, agro-fills, carbon catch and capacity, Clean Development Mech-anisms, biochar, hereditarily “atmosphere prepared” yields, geo-designing, and lessening discharges from deforestation and backwoods corruption (REDD), which extends social and environmen-tal clashes.

Genuine answers for atmosphere emergency in light of sheltered, spotless, inexhaustible, and reasonable utilization of normal assets, and advances to nourishment, vitality, land, and water power.

Along these lines, we request that COP15 come to a concur ment that will start the rebuilding of the envi-ronmental, social, and monetary adjust of planet Earth by implies that are naturally, socially, and monetarily reasonable and evenhanded, lastly think of a legitimately restricting bargain.

The unfriendly effects of human-incited environmental change cause net infringement of human rights. All countries have a commitment to coordinate interna-tionally to guarantee regard for human rights wherever on the planet as per the Charter of the United Nations. A particular concession to environmental change must be found in the more extensive setting of accomplishing a feasible progress of our social orders.

We, taking an interest people groups and associations at Klimaforum09, resolve to proceed with our full and dynamic engagement in advancing such a progress, which will require a basic change in social, political, and monetary structures and a rectifi-cation of sex, class, race, generational, and ethnic imbalances and shameful acts.

This requires a reclamation of the equitable sway of our neighborhood groups and of their part as an essential social, political, and monetary unit. Neighborhood and just responsibility for, over, and access to common assets will be the reason for significant and supportable improvement of groups and at the same time for lessening ozone harming substance outflows. There is likewise a requirement for more grounded provincial and universal coopera-tive plans to oversee normal and shared assets, and for a more grounded and law based UN.

We call upon each concerned individual, social development, and social, political or monetary association to go along with us in building a solid worldwide development of developments, which can bring for-ward people groups’ dreams and requests at each level of society. Together, we can make worldwide transi-tions to economical fates.

About Klimaforum09

Klimaforum09 – People’s Climate Summit was an open and option atmosphere gathering that occurred amid UNFCCC COP15 from 7 December to 18 December 2009 in Copenhagen. Around 50,000 individuals from everywhere throughout the world went to the occasion with more than 300 level headed discussions, displays, movies, shows and plays. Klimaforum09 was sorted out by the Klimaforum arrange, a wide system of common society associations, and acknowledged with the assistance of many volunteers.

Eriksen, S. and Samuelsen, M. and Monabay, R. and Timpte, M. 2010. Common Societies Klimaforum09: Evaluation Report. Foreningen Civilsamfundets Klimaforum.

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