Friday: The Final Blowout Klimaforum

final Blowout Klimaforum

For the past 12 days, the world has been watching the COP15 in Bella Center as well as participating at The Peoples’ Summit at Klimaforum09. While the official COP15 has been divided between the West and the Global South, Klimaforum09 has included all participating countries in the upbringing of an ambitious declaration to secure the future of our planet.

Final Blowout Klimaforum

This Friday, Klimaforum09 invites NGOs and interested people to a social gathering at Øksnehallen, where they can follow the final Blowout Klimaforum negotiations going on at the COP15. Two large screens live-streaming the actions going on at the Bella Center have been put op for everyone to watch. As the Bella Center is only letting in few NGOs and thus leaving the majority out in the cold, Klimaforum09 will provide a spacious setting with a good atmosphere for everyone, who wants to follow the end of this years COP. Øksnehallen and Klimaforum09 is thus providing great opportunities to discuss what is going on and to meet people involved in climate work in a fantastic setting.

Friday final Blowout Klimaforum evening and night, after 12 days of talks, workshops, and musical experiences, the final blowout will take place at DGI-byen. Chair of Friends of the Earth International Nnimmo Bassey and Nicola Bullard from Climate Justice Now will reminisce and evaluate on the past two weeks, while the audience can enjoy the last quiet beer before the volume will turned up and all guests will be klezmer attacked.

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Initially famous for spontaneous concerts at unannounced places, Klimaforum09 have managed to get Danish klezmer orchestra Mames Babegenush play at a specific time, at a specific venue – the Orange Hall on Friday night. Shifting between manic beats and melancholic tunes, Mames Babegenush have already made the groundwork for something quite final Blowout Klimaforum  extraordinary. Ending the party at Klimaforum09, the award winning Klezmofobia will play an energetic combo of traditional klezmer elements and modern beats to continue the party.

To conclude on The final Blowout Klimaforum  Peoples Summit, and to ensure that no one will be up before noon on Saturday, the party will head back to Øksnehallen for an outrageous afterparty. There will be fantastic DJs, beer and lots of happy people.

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