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The Indian author and environmentalist Vandana Shiva is looking forward to participate in Climate Forum. She hopes the conference can be a step on the way towards a global climate movement.

The Indian author and environmentalist Vandana Shiva will participate in Climate Forum09.

Global Green

“A new global citizens movement is needed to wake up slumbering governments,” says Indian environmentalist Vandana Shiva.

The 57 year-old campaigner will be coming to Copenhagen to attend KlimaForum09 December 10.-13.

“We the citizens of the world need to remind the rich industrialised governments global green that they have legally binding commitments to reduce carbon emissions,” she says. “In my country climate change is already a life and death situation and it’s time to for all of us to hold governments to account and demand action. The only way forward is to create a new global citizens movement in Copenhagen,” she adds.

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With the current climate negotiations stalling in Bangkok over whether to extend Kyoto or to create a whole new treaty Vandana Shiva believes it’s the Americans and the Europeans who must take the blame and show proper leadership. “We need  them to provide global green to the South on how best to avoid following global green the unsustainable path of the industrialised North,” she adds.

The global environmental activist and writer whose latest book, ‘Soil Not Oil’, looks at the link between food insecurity, peak oil and climate change will also be showcasing her latest film about the effects of Climate Change in the Himalayas at KlimaForum09.

Vandana Shiva will be one of many global climate campaigners to participate in the KlimaForum09 summit, which will gather people from all corners of the globe to work out solutions to the climate crises. So far the writer Bill McKibben, the global green scientist Steven Harding and economist and chairman of the UK sustainable development commission Tim Jackson have announced their participation.

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