Naomi Klein is Coming to Klimaforum09

Naomi Klein klimaforum

The renowned Canadian author and activist Naomi Klein will take part in Klimaforum09.

Naomi Klein is going to participate in a talk on ecological debt and the defense of human and nature rights organised by Jubilee South.

Naomi Klein klimaforum

The event is scheduled to take place on the 10th of December 16.00 – 20.00 in the DGI-byen, the large conference complex in central Copenhagen.

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Other participants in the talk will be Rezaul Karim Chowdhury from Bangladesh, the Bolivian Climate Negotiator Angela Navarro and Miguel Palacin, Andean Coordination of Indigenous Organizations.

Naomi Klein made an international breakthrough in 2000 with her book No Logo. In 2007 she published The Shock Doctrine, where she argues that the global neoliberal market economy is increasingly becoming dependent on wars and disasters to maintain growth.

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