Monday: Presidential Visit at Klimaforum09 Starts the Second Week

presidential visit klimaforum

The president will be participating in a workshop with writer and environmental activist Bill McKibben on the understanding of 350, the safe upper limit for carbon dioxide measured in “Parts Per Million” in our atmosphere.

Also at Klimaforum09, the organisation La Via Campesina is focusing on ‘Why Agrofuel is a False Solution to Climate Change’. Through testimonies from small farmers from grassroots organisations and members of La Via Campesina, various speakers will explain how agrofuels generate food crises, violations of peasant rights and climate change.

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After this session, NOAH, Friends of the Earth Denmark, is asking the question ‘Carbon Capture and Storage: A new solution or another problem?’ Localism is another topic for Monday’s programme. Scientist Stephen Harding will speak at the session ‘Sustainable Living, Localism and Resilience’ where the recently released film ‘In Transition’ also will be shown.

For young environmentalists, the session ‘Hands-on Tactics Training for Youth Activists Demanding Climate Justice’ should be interesting. The workshop is boldly claiming to hand out tips and tactics on making an effective and successful action, in the context of the negotiations happening now in Copenhagen.

If you’re still wondering why we should stop the climate change, the film ‘Age of Stupid’ should give you a good idea and a look into the future, staring Oscar-nominee Pete Postlethwaite. Hold on to your Green Hall-seat, stay and watch ‘A Sea Change´ and wrap-up the first day of the last week of Klimaforum09 with the first feature-length documentary on ocean acidification.

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