Off-Broadway theater play guests Klimaforum09

Off-Broadway theater play guests Klimaforum09

To raise funds for Al Gores Climate Project, LA-actor Mel England wrote and staged the theater play “Swimming with the polar bears”. He was chocked by the indifference of theaters towards the issue of climate change.

From Los Angeles to New York to Klimaforum09 in Copenhagen. When the alternative climate summit begins this December, participants will have the opportunity to experience a regular rarity: One of the first theater plays, to deal with climate change, a problem which despite its pressing urgency has received very little attention from theaters around the world.

– It’s everyone’s responsibility to contribute, with whatever he can, to help find solutions to, what I consider, the biggest challenge that we have ever faced. As artists, we no longer can afford the luxury of centering our art around the individual, says Mel England, writer of the play, which he has entitled Swimming with the Polar Bears.

Swimming With The Polar Bears can be experienced on Klimaforum09 on Friday, December 11th. The play, which has already been staged in Los Angeles and New York, revolves around Mel England’s personal experience with the fear of dying. A few years back, he was diagnosed with cancer and was, as he puts it himself, »literally swimming in deep water, groping for an ice floe to hold on to«.

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– With this play I wish to emphasize, that we are all swimming in deep water, not just the polar bears, and that the starting point of every struggle is belief in the possibility to come through.

Inspire people to take action

The play is a one-man show starring Mel England in the leading role. The LA-based American actor, who has appeared in a number of theater productions and films and who will be cast in next year’s film, Love Anonymous, is looking forward to performing at Klimaforum09.

– The forum allows everyone, who does not happen to be a politician or a scientist to participate and to voice their opinion. With the play, I’m hoping to inspire the audience to make a connection between the individual and the global level, the American actor explains.

When Mel England stages the play on December 11th in the DGI-byen as part of Klimaforum09, environmental activist, writer and representative to Al Gore’s Climate Project, Richard Whiteford, will be introducing the event.

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